Sliced Brisket -- $20/lb.

Full Brisket (8 - 10 lbs. avg.) -- $150(whole)/$165(sliced *)

Pulled Pork -- $16/lb.

    Smoked Sausage (reg. or jal.) -- $14/lb.

Baby Back Ribs -- $24/rack

Turkey Breast (butter basted) -- $16/lb.    


* Sliced Full Brisket can be packaged in your choice of one large or multiple smaller bags.



All of our pre-packaged meats are smoked over post oak and quickly chilled, sliced, and vacuum-packed. Reheating is as easy as dropping the bags in boiling water, allowing you to enjoy fresh hot BBQ almost anywhere!!

You'll be blown away by the quality of our heat-and-eat BBQ!!! It's perfect for: Easy Family Dinners, Parties, Holidays, Camping & Hunting Trips...

Please allow at least 48 hours notice for packaged meat orders. Simply call 469-556-3790 or email us.

Delivery will be arranged at time of order!!