It started innocently enough. A hobby. A pasttime. Before long, Dixon Wiles, a Dallas attorney, was becoming well-known among his friends and colleagues for cooking great BBQ. Dixon recalls, "I'd been catering office lunches for years...pass-the-hat style...and began getting requests to cater events outside of the office."


Dubbed "The BBQ Barrister" by a fellow lawyer (barrister is a British term for attorney)...and with the encouragement of his family, friends, and BBQ fans...Dixon has completely changed his focus after twenty years in the legal profession to concentrate on his true passion: making great BBQ.


All of Dixon's recipes are homemade with the finest meats and other ingredients, and all BBQ is slow-smoked using traditional methods and real hardwoods. He's always working on new dishes, believing that BBQ can be both rustic and refined.